The most frequently asked questions

What is VPS?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. VPS is also known as VM or Virtual machine. VPS service is mainly required for hosting purpose backed by big chunks of hardware system located in different data centers or locations. These servers are fully operational & running 24/7/365 without any sort of interruption. VPS clients (mostly forex traders) can run their trading accounts from any location & device by these servers.

Why VPS is must for forex trading?

Though we provide our VPS service to various clients for different types of purpose, a big portion of our client base is from forex trading. Here are some key reasons for you to introduce VPS service if you are already in forex trading or giving it a thought to enter into forex business.

>MT4/MT5 will be running 24/7 into a remote desktop backed by latest hardware technology:

There could be numerous occasions(hard disk crash/Slowdown or interruption in internet service) when your own desktop cannot give you continuous support. VPS servers are the best resource you can use for running trading accounts without any disruption or failure.

>Ultra-low latency provider:

The issue of latency can be very much detrimental to forex trading if not maintained properly. The no latency required for forex trading cannot be maintained by typical ISP’s. VPS provider's data center location(London, New York, Amsterdam, etc)possess the full capability of providing ultra-low latency(minimum 1millisecond ) for perfect business execution.

>No slippage issue

Slippage problems will be resolved at a great extent if VPS is introduced in forex trading. With super-fast updated hardware system, you don’t have to worry about the slippage problem anymore.

>Back-Up & security

The data backup process will be running simultaneously with your trading. So there is no chance of data elimination or deletion. With the updated security system any kind of data theft or hacking can be prevented.

How many MT4/MT5 trading accounts can I run?

It will depend on the capacity of RAM. You can look into our server plans and choose a suitable plan for MT4/MT5 trading.

Can I use VPS hosting service for other purposes?

You have the liberty to use VPS for other purposes, let alone hosting. You can use it as gaming server, FTP server and for various purposes that need VPS hosting.

Do I need to be highly skilled to use VPS?

This VPS is very much user-friendly & comfortable to use. The remote desktop is the same as your regular desktop. We will provide you a simple remote desktop software, which you can be used in every available & upcoming Windows version. With highly responsive feature user can access it from any platform & location. We will also provide you a video tutorial containing the details VPS setup process.

What is the payment process?

You have to pay on a monthly basis for any of our server plan you choose to use. We accept PayPal, MasterCard, NE teller, Skill, Payza, Perfect Money, Web money. On the scheduled payment day you will receive an email notification in case of a missed payment. Then you will have 48 hours to clear your payment. Failing to do so,after 72 hours your VPS status will be terminated.

Where are the data centers located?

Our data centers are located in important financial locations for forex trading. We have these data centers located in London, New York, Amsterdam.

Does this VPS support all platform, EA & indicators?

Totally responsive to all business platforms, devices, Expert Advisors & indicators.

Do you have any affiliate program?

We are providing attractive reseller plan for our clients. You can enjoy up to 20% commission for every confirmed VPS sell on your reference.

Is there any trial period or money back guarantee?

Currently we don’t allow any trial period for VPS users. But we have refund policy (money back guarantee) if you feel that our service is not up to your expectation level. In that case, you are getting 3 days money back guarantee.