London Datacenter

Our London datacenter is located at the perfect place for trading in the united kingdom. With a static IP, the data center located in the altitude of 51.5085 & longitude of -0.1257.

Canada Datacenter

This data center has been established in the North American country Canada. Latitude of 45.3168 & longitude of -73.8659, the Canada data center is located in the city of Beauharnais of Quebec.

NY Datacenter

Located in one of the most financially important place(latitude 25.8118 & longitude -80.2346) for forex trading, the New York data center is at the city of Miami in Florida.

France Datacenter

This one is also situated in a financially important place in Europe. Perfectly located in Roubaix, France in the latitude of 50.6942 & longitude of 3.1746 provides the perfect window for forex trading.


France, Canada, UK, USA,Nedarlands, Germany